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Massage types

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Swedish massage therapy is wonderful for relaxing tense and overworked muscles. It's a treat to receive this massage at a spa after a good workout. Spa massage therapy can also help reduce the stiffness of arthritis and other joint pain. Swedish massage involves 5 basic strokes to knead the muscle tissue and improve circulation.  Oils are used to ensure smooth, flowing movement during the massage. Rhythmic movements are essential to a proper Swedish massage.

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Deep-tissue massage, as its name says, focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  Using deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle, the purpose of Deep Tissue Massage is to unstick the fibres of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held tension points. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.

It is both corrective and therapeutic. It is beneficial for many physical problems, including sports injuries and chronic pain. Deep Tissue Massage usually focuses on specific areas and may cause some soreness during or after the session. You should feel better within a day or two. 

pregnancy massage Budapest


Feel nurtured and relaxed with this specialised spa massage treatment for those carrying little ones. If you’re past the first trimester then this full body oil massage will provide all the support and calm that mum and baby deserve during this special time. Becoming a mum is hard work and sometimes you need a caring break from that lower back ache and your tired legs. A wonderful treat for you and baby.

face massage



If you suffer from tension headaches, this treatment is perfect for you. By focusing on relaxing and toning, you can release any facial tension that was previously held and stimulate your skin to boost circulation, eliminate toxins and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to regain its youthful qualities. Also, by using pure coconut oil, this facial massage can calm, nourish and soften your skin leaving it fresh and radiant. Coconut oil is suitable for all skin types and does not clog the pores.

foot massage in Budapest




Using techniques similar to Swedish massage, massage oil is applied to the area and the gentle, gliding strokes begin. Combining stroking, pivoting, kneading, finger walking and ankle rotation, the varying amounts of pressure help to stimulate the blood vessels in your feet conjuring up a gentle, soothing heat which immediately starts to relax you. Perfect for the sightseeing feet.





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Some of the most valuable experiences are those we share with friends and partners, if we enjoy it with our “other half” the experience will be even more unique. Couples therapy seeks to share energy where you relax together so you are both on the same wavelength. This practice has joint health benefits that you can receive simultaneously and also save time by not waiting for the other one. Also suitable for friends, mother daughter massages or bigger groups. 





massage oils used at mobile massage budapest



What massage oils do I use?


I use  a clean and pure combination of valuable natural plant oil which tend to nourish and refresh the skin during the massage.

The high content of Vitamin E and antioxidant content of olive oil, grape seed oil and the wheat germ oil reduces the aging of the skin and helps the renewal of cells. The skin becomes flexible and marvelously smooth. The product contains high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and and flavonoids. The coconut oil is rich in minerals and vitamins, assures the maximum hydration and the care of the skin. 

  - no parabens

  - no paraffin

  - no artifical colours

  - no preservatives 





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