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Frequently Asked Questions




What is Mobile Massage Budapest? 


   Mobile Massage Budapest is a hotel visiting massage service offering professional therapeutic massages.  The therapist will visit you in your hotel room or home thus leaving you more time to relax.




Where are you located? 


   We are located in central Budapest. We cover any hotel in Budapest and apartments in the central. Massage appointments near the airport  are also possible with an extra charge of travel fee (+10€).





How much are your massages? 


   Massage prices starts from as little as 28€. Available from 45-120 mins. If you are not sure about the lenght of the massage please ask  your therapist for advice.




What type of massages do you do? 


   We offer: swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, face massage, foot massage.






Can I eat before the appointment? 


   Please do not eat heavy food at least 1 hour before massage treatments, after massages is also recommended to eat  light, healthy food





Do I need to let the masseuse know if I have any medical problem? 


   Yes. If you have any health problems or menstruation, tumor, cancer, pregnancy, high blood pressure, epilepsy you  must inform  the therapist before the treatment.





Do I need to prepare anything in advance


   Please provide the toweling. That means one for the furniture and one to cover yourself. You always will be covered during the session,  except the part what the therapist is working on. The massage will take place on your bed or floor depending what you prefer. The  therapis will bring her own oil and music but if you have your favourite with you she will be happy to use it.




What if the pressure is not okay?


   Please let your therapist know if you would like lighter or stronger pressure as everyone needs are different. Please note that after strong  massages especially deep tissue massage you may feel slightly pain for 1-2 days in the muscles. 




Is this service professional?


  Yes it is! Pure therapeutic massage service. Please note that we have a no tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, advances, gestures  or comments. In the case such a situation arises    your appointment will promptly end, you will be charged at the full session rate and you  will be refused any future  appointments.




How do I pay? 


   At the moment only cash payments are possible. You can pay in different currencies: Ft, €.

  Please make sure you have the exact amount of money with you. 




What about cancellation? 


   Please let us know if you can not make it at least 5 hours before but possible asap.




What do I do after the massage? 


   After massages try to eat only light foods, salads and drink lots of fluid, possibly water. Try to have a nice shower or a hot bath after massage and just relax in your own hotel room or home. Your body will appriciate it :) 




If you your question has not been answered please send an email or make a phone call! 



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